Week 1 - Overview

A Glance of Week 1

This week we'll start by breaking the concepts of Machine Learning down into simple, friendly, understandable parts. We'll cover the core concepts and terminology in a way that reveals that all the buzzwords are just concepts you, a developer, already know. We'll then take those simple concepts and give them root in the TensorFlow.js framework. This will start helping you book-end the application of machine learning in the browser. Finally we'll jump into first contact with a well rounded TensorFlow.js module, and use it to classify images. REALLY! By the end of this week's lesson, you'll have something you can show! The homework of the week will let you take the wheel and utilize image classification again in a page that you've created.

From concepts to a functioning in-browser image classifier, we've got a fantastic week planned! Be sure to ask questions! Not only about the material that we cover, but anything material adjacent. At the end of each week there's a Questions and Answers section where your questions could help future students.

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