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Machine Learning and the Browser

The world of AI/ML is growing, and the "Next Big Thing" is now your domain.

It's impossible to keep up with all the cool things people are making with AI today. It's a bit like the invention of the smart phone times ten. Individuals and corporations bubbling over with anticipation because currently, we're more limited by our imagination, than we are by innovation.

Data is in abundance, and Machine Learning algorithms thrive on data. A web search returns thousands of results, and our phones, tablets, and maker hardware allow us to further digitize the world around us into local referable folders. Data that would have taken a person in the 90's years and thousands of dollars of equipment, is now available and overflowing in social media, websites, and emails. Our own personal museums of data that dwarf the Louvre in Paris, exist all at the tip of our fingers.

Utilizing breakthroughs in Machine Learning this wealth of information turns into a calculus that the world has never dreamed. Deep fakes of faces, instant makeup, instant hair colors, improvised music, and even the restoration of damaged artifacts or lost languages. You can make your computer do things we've only ever dreamed of in Science Fiction. Today people classify images, predict prices, organize data, and even extract rules to discover new and exciting connections no human has yet seen.

To take part in this adventure you don't need a PhD., a Masters, or even a four year degree. You can bring AI to your company, your projects, and even your personal life. I'm going to show you how.

We are going to see how approachable Machine Learning is, how you can access it, utilize it, and share it with others in the most dynamic and universal medium there is, the browser. We're going to use the world's most popular programming language, JavaScript, to do it.

In this course we'll build image recognition systems that run 100% on the client's browser, giving you an edge in the Machine Learning world by being able to build all these great things and bring them directly to each customer.

Let's solve some cool problems, shall we?


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While Machine Learning is great, it's quite a big complex field. As you can tell there are entire new domains that need exploring, and new discoveries daily! It can be overwhelming, so that's why we chose a specific strategy to ensure a fun and successful path.

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