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Why Infinite Red Academy?

We're different from most teachers for a few major reasons. We're an active consulting company, and we get it. It's not easy to keep up with information overload. We got into tech because it was fun, so keeping up with it should be exciting, not daunting. It's important to take difficult concepts and make them fun and interesting again.

Infinite Red Academy is our place to make learning fun. As a company, we hold three foundational values:

  1. Having Significant Positive Impact - We want to affect the world, but we want to make it better.
  2. Bonitas - Latin noun meaning "good", "honest", and "kind".
  3. Controlling Our Destiny - Proactive over reactive; call our shots and swing hard.

If we sound like your kind of group, then check out our courses, our Twitter, and our Blog!

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Engaging, Hands-On Training

Infinite Red Academy offers in-person or online training with experienced engineers. For years, Infinite Red has led the industry in React, React Native, and AI. Now, we’re making our expertise accessible to everyone.


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